About us

Who we are at Angie?

Angie is Loren Networks new brand for IoT solutions and services on the Bulgarian and European markets. Loren Networks is company with many years of experience in the field of system integration and development of software platforms for business. Loren Networks is owner and creator of the platform ANGIE. Find more about Loren Networks here: https://lorennetworks.com/

We can confidently call ourselves Internet of Things innovators for Bulgaria as one of the first companies to offer technology solutions for a wide range of business applications. With each new customer we gather know-how in a way to help people, business and society to wake up in better and more technological tomorrow.

Our team is ready to meet any customer request, to find the most appropriate technical solution, to respond to any unexpected event in order to recognize ourselves as long-term business partners at the end of the project.

We can help to make your business more flexible, more innovative, more efficient and more sustainable.

Why Angie?

Angie Smart is multipurpose IoT platform. The solution for location and tracking is just one of many. We also provide temperature and humidity measurement in buildings and even soil.
All measurement could be applied for both mobile and static objects with a broad impact on business activities in various industries.
These can be field teams, farm animals, vehicles, machinery, and their various conditions. With Angie measurements of soil and environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity and others can be performed. Collected data is visualized on our extremely easy-to-use interface which you open with a click on your phone or tablet, and why not a laptop!

Team Angie

The company has a professional team with proven and extensive practical experience in implementing corporate solutions based on the latest technological trends in the field of IoT, ICT and energy. Our sales team will offer you the right solution for your business, using an individual approach, so that the recommended services are especially for you and your business. Our highly qualified engineers, software and hardware specialists, will adapt our services exactly to your business and needs.

Sevdalin Stanev


Elena Georgieva


Irena Ilieva

Commercial Director

Venko Zarkov

Technical Support Manager

Rumyana Atanasova

Senior Expert IoT

Stiliyan Zlatarev

Sales Team Manager

Viktoria Krachmarova

Key Account Manager

Our products

  • Is our production stored at the required temperature levels?
  • Is our production stored at the required temperature levels?
  • Does the electricity work continuously?
  • Is there a risk of damage your equipment or products?
  • What was the temperature in your warehouse last month?
  • Where are your trucks or work teams now?

Surely every manager or business owner has asked one of these questions and has not always found a quick answer. Just a few clicks on your mobile device are needed and Angie platform gives these answers.

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