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New All in 1 service



New All in 1 service


We are introducing our new service Angie Monitor ALL in 1, which helps you monitor your objects remotely. Through Angie’s smart solution, it is possible to monitor various environmental parameters and states, as well as receive real-time notifications when some of the parameters change. The service includes a GSM module, power supply and one or… Read More »New All in 1 service

Success Story

Success story at Bulargo 97


Bulagro97 AD is a breeding company. Their business is concentrated in parent poultry farms and hatcheries. Production is organized in such a way as to fulfill the set goals –  perfect quality, excellent working conditions, high productivity, environmental protection and high energy efficiency. All technological processes at Bulagro97 are managed with the most modern systems,… Read More »Success story at Bulargo 97


Successful story at Yablena Natura


Yablena Natura is the largest producer of BIO apples, pears and cherries in the Balkans. Their orchards are located in the foothills of Stara Planina, spread over an area of over 2,000 acres. The success of the company is due to their professional team, as well as to the new technologies that Yablena applies. The… Read More »Successful story at Yablena Natura


Svetoslav Dimitrov: How Angie helps businesses


Svetoslav Dimitrov is a product manager at Loren Networks. He manages the implementation of new IoT products and services provided by Angie. He has always been involved in the development and integration of new technologies (including 5G already in 2018). By providing innovative IoT services for businesses, Svetoslav believes that he can help both business… Read More »Svetoslav Dimitrov: How Angie helps businesses


Irena Ilieva: The food industry is increasingly turning its attention to the “Internet of Things”


We offer manufacturers and distributors the opportunity to optimize process control through remote and dynamic data management and protect their goods from spoilage through an IoT based solution . Irena Ilieva – Commercial Director in Loren Networks During  FOOD EXPO 2021 Irena answers to Martin Ivanov questions. See the full interview: » Ms. Ilieva, can… Read More »Irena Ilieva: The food industry is increasingly turning its attention to the “Internet of Things”

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