ANGIE Locator for rent companies

Movable assets monitoring

Monitor your mobile assets. Locating mobile or infrequently mobile objects helps make them easier to detect by visualizing their current location, movement direction and  history.

Prevent theft that could lead to additional costs.

The ANGIE platform allows you to define rules for entering or exiting given geofence. Get notified if a rule is violated.

Bicycles, scooters, mopeds, vehicles, heavy equipment and others can be additionally protected.

How it works?






Angie Locator devices

Angie Locator Personal


Personal tracker for monitoring mobile assets and get detailed tracking

Angie Locator Fix

Angie Locator Fix

Monitoring of rarely moving objects, where 1 to 3 messages per day are needed

Angie Locator Pro


For mobile assets where access to 24V power is provided from the vehicle

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