ANGIE Locator for courier companies

Monitor where your provider is located

Couriers monitoring:

Monitor the location of couriers whose work requires active movement (on foot or by vehicle) in urban and suburban areas. With Angie Locator you can determine their direction of movement in real time. Receive notifications when enter or exit preset geofence. Divide your assets into groups by attribute, create geofences, track history.

Shipment monitoring:

With Angie Locator you get the current location of customer shipments in urban and rural areas and direction of movement in real time. Your customers can monitor their movement through the ANGIE application.

Shipment monitoring:

Using Angie Locator you get real-time location of customer shipments in urban and suburban environments and also their direction of movement.

Your customers can monitor their shipments through the ANGIE application.

After pressing the location button by the courier, the current location of the shipment is displayed.

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