Frequently asked questions

You can request Angie through the contact form on the site, as well as by phone +359 885 100 173 or email:

Please indicate the service you want to request, the number of end devices you need and their application (what you will use them for).

Send an inquiry in our contact form with more information about the application and service you would like to test.

After requesting and paying for a service, you will receive a username and password on your personal email.

First you need to create an asset and attach sensors to it. Creating an asset is done in the Home screen from the Create asset button. Follow the steps, and if you need further clarification, check the Help menu on the Angie IoT platform.

Angie IoT keeps the layout at the user device level, so you see a different layout. Warning – this only applies to the view of your home screen. Any other change in the parameters of the assets will be reflected.

No. The view of the Home screen (Dashboard) is individual for each user, who rearranges his windows by dragging. The Home screen adjusts for each device you are logged in (phone, tablet, computer). This means that everyone can arrange their Home screen as it would be most convenient for them. Be careful – although your windows may be a different arrangement on the Home screen, any change in the parameters of any of the assets will be reflected in all accounts. For example, a change in an asset photo or other change.

If you need assistance, request an engineering installation by email: or by phone +359 885 100 173

You can download all user guides in the Services menu.

If you experiencing any problems, contact us by email: or by phone +359 885 100 173, every working day from 09:00 to 18:00 or send a message through our contact form on the website.