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New All in 1 service

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We are introducing our new service Angie Monitor ALL in 1, which helps you monitor your objects remotely. Through Angie’s smart solution, it is possible to monitor various environmental parameters and states, as well as receive real-time notifications when some of the parameters change.

The service includes a GSM module, power supply and one or more sensors. Combine them so that you get the boost for your business!

Angie All in 1

Make your own All in 1

Sensor for wireless temperature monitoring

State sensor (door open/closed)

Sensor for monitoring
extreme temperatures

Sensor for monitoring temperature in liquids

Flood detection

External power monitoring


  • Monitoring of warehouses for food and non-food products and goods
  • Monitoring of office spaces, school halls, museums, galleries, libraries, archives
  • Monitoring of refrigerators for storage of laboratory samples and reagents
  • Monitoring of drugs, medical facilities, pharmacy chains
  • Freezers and refrigerators for food products
  • Monitoring of industrial machines developing high temperatures
  • Showcases for cold drinks
  • Observation of silos
  • Warm showcases for nuts