Monitor your property remotely

Angie Monitor

Smart solution for your workspaces

Monitor the microclimate of your property remotely in real time. Receive notification in case of parameter deviation!!

Angie Monitor is your solution for:

Why use Angie Monitor?


Optimization of electricity bills


Simultaneous monitoring of remote objects


Increasing the efficiency of daily activities


Export data to .xls for further analysis and processing


Reduce the amount of discarded goods


Prevention of fire or flood

Quick response

in case of power failure, to preserve stored goods


Protecting expensive goods from perishing

Angie Monitor services

Angie Monitor Temperature

Angie Monitor temp

Measures temperature and humidity in the range from -15 to +50 °C

Angie Monitor Combo

Angie Monitor Combo

Measures temperature, humidity and open/closed door

Angie Monitor Extreme

Monitor Extreme

Measures temperature in the range from -50 to +200 °C with external probe

Angie Monitor CO2

Co2 (2)

Measures temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure and carbon dioxide (CO2)

Angie Monitor Air Quality

Angie Monitor Ambient

Measures temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide (CO2). Local (on display) and remote visualization.

Angie Monitor Agro


Measurement of soil temperature and moisture, ambient temperature, humidity and illumination.

Angie Monitor All in 1

The service includes GSM module, power supply and one or more sensor devices.
Combine them so that you get the maximum for your business!

Temperature & External Voltage

Remote monitoring of temperature and external voltage observation

Open door or window

Remote monitoring of a state (open/closed door)

Flood detection via conductivity

Flood detection by measuring electrical conductivity

Extreme temp & liquids

Remote monitoring of temperature (-50 to +200 °C) in liquids and air

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