Remote monitoring of your equipment or vehicle

Angie Locator

GPS tracker with multiple business applications

Monitor your business assets remotely in real time. Don’t let them get lost or be stolen! Locate them on a map and get notified when you leave geofence zone.

Angie Locator is your solution for monitoring:

Why use Angie Locator?


Optimization of operating costs, reduction of costs for human resources, consumables, fuels, cars and others.


Optimization of investments - the protection of assets reduces the cost of purchasing machinery, equipment, etc.


Analysis of business practices in order to take corrective action and reassess internal processes.


Increasing the efficiency of daily activities.


Simultaneous monitoring of different types of objects.


Protect the health and lives of employees.

Angie Locator services

Angie Locator Personal

Angie Locator Personal

Personal tracker for monitoring mobile objects and detailed tracking. Suitable for multiple applications.

Angie Locator Fix

Angie Locator Fix

Observation of rarely moving objects. Send 1 to 3 messages per day. Easy to attach and install.

Angie Locator PRO

Simultaneous GPS location monitoring of mobile objects and up to 4 temperatures with one device

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