Angie Locator

GPS tracker with multiple business applications

Monitor your business assets remotely in real time. Don’t let them get lost or be stolen! Locate them on a map and get notified when you leave geofence zone.

Angie Locator is your solution for monitoring:

Angie Monitor

Smart solution for your workspaces

Monitor the microclimate of your property remotely in real time. Receive notification in case of parameter deviation!

Angie Monitor is your solution for:

Angie Agriculture ​

Smart solution for soil monitoring

Monitor remotely the temperature and humidity of soil and air. Track the change in charts in a user-friendly interface. Control watering and optimize your costs. Increase yields and quality of your products! 

Angie Agriculture is your solution for:

Angie Protect

Smart infrastructure monitoring solution

Angie Protect is a complete real-time monitoring solution for infrastructure networks and sites, based on notifications for open/closed cover, door, street cabinet, shafts etc.

Angie Protect could be used for control and surveillance for unauthorized access, attempted intrusion and vandalism of infrastructure. Manage planned tasks for infrastructure networks and systems.

Angie 2 in 1

Smart solution 2 in 1

Monitor remotely your vehicle in real time. Receive notification in case of problem. The service provides ability to monitor the temperature in the refrigeration rooms of vehicles, trucks and buses. Also: